About Die Cut Decals

Just wanted to share a little bit about what goes into creating a die cut decal.  Die cut decals are much different than printed decals as they have no background.  The surface you apply it to will be the background color.  They are created on a computer program much in the same way as a printed decal but are sent to a "cutter" verses a printer.  The cutter has a tiny blade that cuts the decal out of the vinyl with precision.  Once the decal is cut the surrounding vinyl has to be manually  "weeded" off the paper backing.  This is sometimes as easy a grabbing a corner of the vinyl and pulling off the uneeded areas or can be very tedious with intricate decals such as my USMC EGA because all the little pieces have to be weeded individually with a picking tool.  That is where the price difference comes in.  These types of decals take a lot of time to weed.  They are also better for applying to car or truck windows as they will not completely obstruct your view. Hope this helps to better understand the difference between printed and die cut decals.

Thank you for taking the time to read!